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Automatic AG Filter


It is a filtering device having filter AG which is excellent for purification and removal of floating material and which needs less cost and area compared with other devices using other filtering materials because it can remove fine particles up to 20 micron.
It has excellent ingredient and density more than sand and has excellent filtering ability in rapid flow speed for its effective regeneration by low back wash.

Automatic Activated Carbon Filter


By making activated carbon and filter, it removes and absorbs taste, color, and smell as well as organic matters, chlorine residual, neutral detergent, radioactive matters and THM.
Thus, the filter is essential for pre-processing of semiconductor manufacture, electronic device, high pressure boiler, food and drink water and pure manufacturing devices.

Automatic Brim Filter


Underground water has much iron and manganese which causes oxidized steel, cloudiness and smell that colors products and forms scale in piping facility, machines and inside boiler.
Brim filter with Brim, an excellent material for removing iron and manganese carries out back wash automatically and periodically only with water. It has long durability.

Operating Data

  • Pressure : 2~5 kg/㎠
  • PH scope : AG FILTER 5.0 9.0, AC FILTER 5.0 9.0, BIRM FILTER 6.8 and above.

Select type and system design by use and material