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Hard water softening device?

A device to remove hard ingredient using Cation Exchange Resin of Ca, Mg. Cation Exchange Resin can be used semi-permanently by repetitive generation of NaCL.

Purpose and use of hard water softening device

  • BOILER SCALE device
  • Saving fuel
  • Bath, skin brightening and saving detergent
  • Water for good plant
  • Reduction of chemical use
  • Product quality increase of plating and tanner plants
  • Dyeing, coating and preservation of original color
  • Paper mill, textile plant and plant water

Automatic hard water softening device?

It automatically works by filling salt in brine tank and supplying power with identified Time of Day Dial after adjusting cycle from control panel to regeneration dial.



※ Convenient for drawing and manufacturing if accurate information on water quality (total hardening level), daily water usage (1 cycle) and installation area is notified