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Features and expectations

Excellent efficiency: More than 90% of heat recovery rate

  • The world’s first complete countercurrent flow method applied waste water heat recovery facility is high performance energy saving facility that recovers more than 90% of waste water heat from high temperature waste water to low temperature waste water (below 25°C) by maximizing heat transfer effect with minimal heat transfer size

Excellent economic feasibility: 20%~40% of fuel reduction rate

  • Minimize product price with strict material selection and quality management that increases device life and makes rationalization of manufacturing process and
  • Maximizes heat recovery which reduces 20~40% fuel consumption reduction (confirmed by the Ministry of Energy & Resources). Thus, it can reach break-even point within 6 months to 2 years

Perfect durability: long life

  • The first FRP waste heat recovery facility is produced in the industry, which causes innovation in heat exchanger. The company uses B.G Tube stainless steel that enables to respond strong acidity industrial waste water and high corrosive alloy metal for perfect energy saving with perfect durability

Easy installation: convenient maintenance

  • Install existing facility without causing problems to works
  • Almost no facility error
  • No noise, vibration and risk
  • Simple cleaning
  • Automatic controlled energy saving facility with no special operating skill

Effects : cost reduction

  • Reduction of air pollution due to reduced fuel consumption
  • Efficiency increase with less soot by preventing boiler dew condensation
  • Boiler life expansion due to reduction of low temperature corrosion
  • High efficient energy saving device as heated water is available always

Method to use waste heat recovery facility efficiently

For the preheat water penetrating waste heat recovery facility

  • Link to boiler water supply pipe
  • Link to cool water pipe of bath
  • Link to cool water pipe where other heat water is necessary

For the maintenance of high performance of waste heat recovery facility

  • Clean filter of collection tank frequently
  • Take backwash frequently
  • Check by opening the cover of facility at least twice per year