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Cleaning type heat exchanger?

Hi Tech Energy’s “Cleaning type waste heat recovery facility” is cleaning function heat exchanger using mixed fluid (solid particle and water).
It uses vertical heat pipe cylinder type heat exchanger in which exhaust gas penetrates heat pipe. To remove pollutants inside heat pipe, solid particle in heat exchanger and mixed fluid inside water are spread that removes pollutants along down the vertical heat pipe.

Photo of cleaning type heat exchanger (before installation)


Necessity of cleaning type heat exchanger

Exhaust gas contains various pollutants such as lint, dust and oil pollution. If heat exchange is made with such exhaust gas, fouling is made in the heat transfer side due to pollution of exhaust gas, which reduces heat efficient and makes it difficult to use due to blocking of exhaust gas flow. It is very important to solve pollution of heat exchanger for high efficiency, productivity and reduction of management cost. Hi Tech Energy develops automatic cleaning function to solve such problem which is widely used in various industries.
It is all-in-one heat exchanger to improve environment and energy recycling and to reduce cost.

Effects of cleaning type heat exchanger

  • Exhaust gas penetrated through heat exchanger reduces dust and toxic gas
  • Stable heat recovery due to cleaning effect of heat transfer side
  • Considrable reduction of cleaning and maintenance cost of tube in heat exchanger
  • No effect on existing process by cleaning heat pipe during operation

Feature of cleaning type heat exchanger

  • Spread mixed fluid of solid particle and water at top of heat pipe
  • Improve cleaning effect by cleaning mixed fluid
  • Preheat for water supply and supplemented air
  • Automatic cleaning during operation
  • Recycle or disposal of waste water by separating oil from water

Applicable areas

  • Heat recovery of exhaust gas in high polluted incinerator
  • Waste heat recovery of dying fabric industry with high oil and dust
  • Waste heat recovery to boiler and generating facility
  • Heat recovery of high pollution exhaust gas in chemical and engineering industries
  • Heat recovery of multi ingredient exhaust gas with dryness, dust and oil