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Condensed Water fluid bed waste heat recovery facility?

Hi Tech Energy’s ‘Condensed Water fluid bed heat exchanger’has Water fluid bed in heat exchanger where direct heat exchange is made with exhaust gas and water and heat pipe is inserted to heat water. It is patented Evacuated heat recovery heat exchanger (No. 0213303) that reduces corrosion.

Necessity of boiler exhaust gas evacuated heat recovery facility

Heat and water boilers are equipped in buildings including industrial boiler, apartment, hotel, hospital, bathhouse and swimming pool. Majority fuels are city gas and lamp oil, and the exhaust gas exit temperature is 160~250℃ with much vapor.
Compared to general heat exchanger, exit temperature of water fluid bed is below 60℃, which recovers current heat and potential heat of exhaust gas.
Water fluid bed facility reduces boiler fuel consumption by 8~18% and the economic feasibility of boiler exhaust gas waste heat recovery system has improved due to increase of fuel cost.
However, the distribution of general heat exchanger is not active due to corrosion in low temperature by acidity in exhaust gas.
“Low temperature corrosion if boiler fuel is used”
According to US Battelle’s report on gas boiler use, exhaust gas has acid gas and general heat exchanger has corrosion by concentrating acidity.
Water fluid bed heat exchanger solves low temperature corrosion and increases heat recovery efficient

Features of water fluid bed heat exchanger

  • High economic feasibility with very good heat transfer rate
  • No acid corrosion
  • Maximization of heat exchange thanks to heat pipe cleaning function
  • No effect on existing exhaust of boiler
  • No effect on circulating boiling water
  • Safety against overheat
Low temperature clean gas emission stage
White lead reduction
Clean gas discharged
Water fluid bed stage
Water heat by current and potential heat
(condensed heat recovery, humidity condensed & dust removal)
toxic ingredient of gas absorbed to water
Gas inhalation stage
A large amount of gas inflow
(Boiler, Dry, Heating furnace, Incinerator gas)

< Principle of water fluid bed heat exchanger >

Energy saving and environmental improvement

  • Reduction of white lead of exhaust gas
  • Reduction of vapor of exhaust gas by 45%
  • Reduction of exhaust gas
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas
  • Reduction of dust, Sox and NOx to improve environmental condition
  • Effect on environmental improvement of facilities due to dust removal of exhaust gas

Commercialization of water fluid bed heat exchanger

  • When water fluid bed heat exchange is used for heat recovery of humid exhaust gas from current paper mill process, it shows excellent energy cost saving
  • Potential heat recovery was 92% over total recovery heat as a result of facility performance
  • No performance reduction by attaching dust inside heat exchanger during operation
  • Annual fuel cost saving up to 600 million to 1.2 billion won
  • Investment break-even point of water fluid bed heat exchanger is 1~1.5 year

Applicable areas

It is widely used for buildings including industrial boiler, apartment, hotel, hospital, bathhouse and water fluid bed facility heat transfer and corrosion resistance are excellent as well as excellent waste heat recovery.